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Benjamin Franklin OutfitIf you are looking for unique ideas for Halloween costumes, you should think about buying a classic costume celebrating a famous historical figure from American History: Mr. Ben Franklin. When it comes to Benjamin Franklin costumes for kids or adult men, there are quite a number of things to keep in mind in order to make the historical costume believable even if it’s just for Halloween. For this reason, we should take a look back at Early American history and take a gander at the colonial clothes which were in fashion during his time period. Now that your kids are back to school, you are probably also looking for a good quality Franklin costume for your child’s school presentation, book report, or play. Here are some historical Benjamin Franklin costumes ideas that we recommend for children and adults who want to dress up as Benjamin Franklin. These are the best sale bargains we have found on different Ben Franklin Halloween costumes and accessories for kids and adult men.

Benjamin Franklin Costume Ideas for 2023

Plus Size Benjamin Franklin Costume for Men

Plus Size Benjamin Franklin Costume

This deluxe costume is designed for comfort to fit big guys who need a men’s plus size 1X or 2X Ben Franklin costume. This handsome attire captures the classic American spirit of the creative inventor. This costume is also available in standard men sizes as well!

Colonial Benjamin Franklin Costume for Boys

Kid’s Deluxe Benjamin Franklin Costume for Boys

As one of the Founding Father of America, Mr. Franklin possessed many talents in leadership, philosophy, and inventions. If you need a detailed historical costume of Mr. Franklin, we recommend this traditional colonial costume set which includes a decorative brown long coat with attached vest, matching trousers with elastic waist! To celebrate his contribution to American history, this child’s costume will make a great outfit for any school play or historical event. Add his character wig, pair of white socks, and old glasses and you’ll complete his classic look!

Benjamin Franklin Adult Costume

Fancy Ben Franklin Costume

Suit up as one of the founding fathers in this fancy Benjamin Franklin outfit includes a brown jacket, vest, pants, and cravat. Available in adult men sizes small, medium, large, and x-large!

Boys Benjamin Franklin Costume

Boys Benjamin Franklin Costume

This classic Early American outfit will be the perfect Ben Franklin costume for your child. This handsome costume for kids features a brown felt coat with attached vest and shirt cuffs, white cravat, and black knickers with elastic waist. This outfit is available in sizes medium to x-large for boys. The wig is available separately.

Benjamin Franklin Wigs
Adult Ben Franklin Wig Kids Ben Franklin Wig
Adult Size Wig

Kids Size Wig

New Ben Franklin Adult Halloween Costume Sale

Adult Benjamin Franklin Costume

This men’s size Mr. Franklin outfit features a classic colonial style jacket with attached vest and jabot for a good price. A great costume for Halloween or any patriotic American holiday. One size fits most standard size men. Wig, glasses, pants, and shoe buckles are sold separately.

Colonial Shoes for Men

Colonial Shoes for Men

These pair of black colonial shoes for adults are available in men sizes Small (8-9), Medium (10-11), and Large (12-13).

We hope you enjoyed browsing through these amazing Ben Franklin Halloween costumes. These costumes will be great for children book report presentations, historical events, school plays, Halloween, patriotic events during President’s Day or other American holidays. These colonial costumes are not only for kids, these patriotic costumes are also available in adult men sizes so you can dress up as Mr Franklin too. These classical clothes are available in many sizes such as small, medium, and large clothing sizes for men and children. Ben Franklin is one of the great historical American figures you can dress up as for many American holidays and events.

Ideas for how to create your own Benjamin Franklin costume:

But before we can put together Ben Franklin costumes, we have to first know and understand who this man was. Mr Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. As you may or may not already know, he grew up to become one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin possessed many other skills and talents as well. He was also a scientist who is most well known for his invention of the lightning rod, and for his theories and discoveries with regards to electricity. He is also considered to be America’s most influential founding father and he is honored in a variety of ways. Townships, counties, educational institutions and even companies have been named after him in tribute.

Now that we know more about Benjamin Franklin, let’s talk about which aspects of his look would make your costume more recognizable. Shall we start with his physical appearance? Mr. Franklin was a charmingly stout man. He is most recognizable for his gray, shoulder length hair and his glasses. As for his clothes, they were of typical colonial style. You would need:

  • A white linen undershirt with the shirttail falling up to the knees. This shirt would be tucked inside your breeches.
  • White stockings. These were typically made of wool.
  • A waistcoat.
  • A silk cravat.
  • Breeches.
  • Coats which are closely cut, following what was in fashion during that time.
  • A three-cornered hat.
  • Shoes and a cane which was a very popular accessory back then.

Now, all of these sounds like a bit too much work so if you are not to keen on creating one for yourself or for your kids then do consider shopping for pre-made costumes in online Halloween stores. It is very convenient and all you really need to do find out what size you need, there are also sizes for men costumes, and wait for the delivery to arrive.

So there you have it, a brief overview of what a Benjamin Franklin costume would look like in order to provide you with a good idea for your next Halloween costume. After all, you would want to do this great man justice when it comes to portraying him; even if it’s just for fun.

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As one of the Founding Fathers of America, Mr. Ben Franklin possessed many talents and skills in leadership, philosophy, and inventions. If you want to learn more about the history of Mr. Ben Franklin and his inventions, you can visit the The Franklin Institute! Learn about Mr. Franklin’s life, accomplishments, and inventions at this educational museum. The address location is listed below.

The Franklin Institute
222 N. 20th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 215.448.1200